Welcome to the Iron Kingdoms.

      The year is 608 AR and the kingdoms of Western Immoren are at a tumultuous stand still. The last major event in the kingdoms was Khadorian invasion of Llael 4 years ago. This event has shocked the other countries and the fallout has put everyone on their toes. With divided Llael occupied by Khadorian forces,mercenary groups on both sides see this situation as the best time to make easy money. Reason being the Kingdom of Cygnar, Llael greatest ally, has been weakened by its own internal struggles and does not dare to provoke an all out war on Khador. Instead they employ prominent mercenary groups to do its dirty work reminiscent to the Coin Wars of old.
      The Empirical Corvis Mercenaries are a group of individuals that seek the thrill of impossible missions and rewards of a successful mission. Created 4 years in response to the invasion of Llael by Ryynard Dyvarc and are located at District #1 of Corvis. The group is considered new and amateur by those that could employ them. TECM is slowly rising in influence though and with every new mission brings them closer to greater influence and even greater reward.

Please note that unlike the actual canon for Iron Kingdoms there is currently no Protectorate of Menoth within Llael.

The Empirical Corvis Mercenaries

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