The Empirical Corvis Mercenaries

Day Two
Just Another Day in Corvis

After all the excitement the night before , the next morning proved to be too much of a drag for Sarlos and ______ as they decided to stay in bed. Boober and Alex fresh from their day off and lack of excitement begin their daily routine. Boober begins to make breakfast and finds that his meal has been swiped. Alex on his way down peers into Ryynard Dyvarc and discovers something very intriguing about his boss. As he walks down the stairs into the kitchen he is immediately accused of robbing Boober breakfast. As they argue Grippo walks in to grab something to drink. Boober seems a piece of his meal on his lips and angrily begins to remake a new plate but this time with close attention to his work.

Day One
Road to Corvis

TECM employed by an unknown company was sent to escort 4 horse drawn covered wagons carrying an unknown quantity of goods back to the city of Corvis. The day before a violent storm blew through the area causing some debris and trees to fall on the road. The wagons moved briskly though the debris until they came to a particular downed tree.

Before being able to move the tree from the road a swamp goblin appeared and spoke to the leader of the mercenary group and caravan. He demanded the goods that the wagons were carrying and threaten the party. The TECM employed goblin in the mean time tried to gain a better vantage point and snuck passed the horse. As he clocked his pistol in shots fired at him barely missing him. 5 other swamp goblins appeared out of the marshes and attacked the party. A couple rounds of intense fighting back and forth with the goblins. TECM seemed to gain the upper hand and decimated the goblins. The last goblin in an act of desperation shoots one of the horses and hopes it will cause a big enough distraction to allow him to get away. However the TECM employed goblin shots him with a massive hand cannon and blows him away.

Upon his death the leader of the swamp goblins appear. Bull Croc a fierce swamp crocodile that charges at Ryynard Dyvarc. A cinder grenade blow up in front of him and causes massive damage. He hardly is able to attack anyone and falls to his death. TECM pillages the bodies and the alchemist cuts of the head of Bull to bring back to the bounty office. Upon raiding the dead bodies one of the drives of the wagons reports that some cargo has been stolen from his wagon. This is bad news for the newly formed mercenary group. A bad reputation can sink groups like TECM into oblivion. With this stroke of bad luck and they take the wagons back to Corvis. The horseless carriage being pulled by Ryynard Dyvarc.

The lead horse brings them to their secret employer the Church of Morrow in Corvis. Everyone but Ryynard Dyvarc is dismissed and the party goes about its merry way. The goblin checks the black market for any update on the where abouts of the missing crates and barrels. The alchemist heads to the bounty office and the Llaelese pistoleer heads back to HQ to rest. The alchemist finds that he might have scored a big prize with his head.


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