Ryynard Dyvarc

Founder and sole leader of TECM. A Llaelese expatriot whom took refuge in Corvis after the fall of his nation.


Character Sheet Overview

Primary Stats
Physique (PHY)X
Speed (SPD)X
Strength (STR)X
Agility (AGI)X
Prowess (PRW)X
Poise (POI)X
Intellect (INT)X
Arcane (ARC)X
Perception (PER)X
Derived Stats
Initiative X
Defense (DEF)X
Armor (ARM)X
Willpower (WIL)X
Command Range(CMD)X

Ryynard first established his mercenary group in Corvis within the first few months of the fall of Llael. His family butchered and land ravaged by the Khadoran invasion left him with no place to turn except to seek refuge inside the defended borders of Cygnar. As a former soldier of the Llaelese Army he decided to take on work as a mercenary. The city has provided stable income to him over the years, allowing him to hire additional help and take on bigger jobs. With the right reputation, a hard days sweat and cold cash he eventually managed to purchase a headquarters in Corvis’ District #1. It isn’t the most elaborate of mercenary outposts, but it’s Dyvarc’s and he’s damn proud of that. After spending 4 years in the city he still isn’t fully accustomed to the nuances of Cygnaran culture. When speaking the Caspian language of the locals Ryynard has a gruff accent that bites with the steel of Umbreyan curses, but is filled with occasional moments that flow with the delicacy of the Llaelyn tongue.

Rynnard is left bitter with the present war torn and occupied state of his homeland, resenting the ineffective noble caste of Llael for the ease at which the nation fell to Khador. He hates the Khadoran occupiers who razzed cities and villages and laid waste to defenseless civilians. And an internal struggle of mixed feelings about the various resistance outfits that look to take advantage of Llael as much as they claim to be helping to free it tears at his ancestral pride. Rynnard is often somber at the thought that he might never be able to return to the land of his fathers.

As a leader of TECM Dyvarc is a stern employer. Blunt and to the point his focus is on getting the job done and he expects the same of his men. He doesn’t expect military discipline of a rag tag merc group of this sort, however he does expect them to act as professionals when dealing with clients. If a member crosses the line or botches a job he’s not afraid to threaten loss of a day’s wage or a swift ass kicking. Despite his gruff mannerism Dyvarc looks out the best he can for the members of TECM, they are brothers in arms and he does his best to see that they get their dues and stay content.

Ryynard Dyvarc

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