The Northern most city in Cygnar, closely borders Llael.

Hosts the outpost of TECM.

Corvis is a city of watery canals, riverfronts,and dark alleyways where one can easily disappear without a trace. The swampy ground and the nearby Widower’s Wood seem a poor choice for the locale of a major city, and it has required enormous labor to maintain the infrastructure. Nevertheless Corvis has thrived, and as buildings collapse for lack of ground support or simply sink into the mire, the industrious engineers and laborers keep constructing anew atop the crumbling structures. In fact, the Corvis graveyards are notoriously difficult to maintain due to the boggy grounds and the mysterious fell magic saturating the very soil. It is said the dead are restless even in sanctified ground and often rise to haunt the living—hence the appellation “City of Ghosts.”

Despite such ominous traits, Corvis flourishes because it is a vital trade nexus between Cygnar and Rhul as well as the home of the famous—some might say infamous—Corvis Treaties that birthed the modern Iron Kingdoms. Indeed, Corvis is a mixed bag. Its diverse and colorful culture, center of learning, mercantile society, and prime location make it a major hub for adventurers, frontiersmen, traders, students, and rivermen. Such details combined with its haunted reputation make Corvis one of the most famous cities in the Iron Kingdoms


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