Capital: Korsk
Ruler: Empress Ayn Vanar I

Khador has a long-standing rivalry with Cygnar as the two most dominant kingdoms of the region. There are periodic bloody skirmishes between these two nations, particularly along their shared border. Other battles are sometimes fought by intermediaries such as hired mercenaries, although both governments usually deny responsibility for these hostile actions. Tensions continue to mount and some major armed struggle seems inevitable between King Leto and Queen Vanar.

Unlike its southern rival, which relies on volunteers, Khador has conscripted its soldiers since the time of the old empire. Every adult male and any woman who wishes and is not with child serves the Motherland for some amount of time. This is a proud tradition whereby every able-bodied citizen is personally invested in the defense of their nation and knows the trials and tribulations of being a soldier.

In many respects Khador is behind Cygnar in developing various technologies, but they were quick to see the advantages of rail travel and have spent a great deal of money to get the system underway. Cygnar has simply placed this as a somewhat lower priority, given they already have good roads, excellent river travel, and other alternatives to shipping goods. The Khadoran Warjacks are ponderous but brutal, to the end that no light warjack models appear to be utilized by the armed forces

Morrowans form the majority of this nation, but not an overwhelming one as in Cygnar, Ord, and Llael. The Menite faith is stronger in the north than anywhere outside the Protectorate of Menoth. Whether Menite or Morrowan, however, Khadorans love their sovereign above all. They are as patriotic a people as you will ever find—and that is part of why they are so unwelcoming to outsiders.

Khador has always chafed at the compromises made in the Corvis Treaties, for they glorify the days of the old Khardic Empire and seek every opportunity to restore its reach and power. Every generation a new sovereign ascends the throne and declares the time ripe to reclaim lands that are rightfully Khadoran. All Khadorans share a burning devotion to the rebirth of the old empire and are willing to put aside personal comforts and even sacrifice their lives if necessary to achieve this goal.

Following the recent occupation of Llael, Queen Ayn Vanar declared Khador an empire once more and named herself empress, to the tremendous approval of her people.


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