The Menoth Symbol

The Menite Temple

The worship of Menoth is ancient, predating the Church of Morrow by millennia. Menoth is a strict, vengeful deity, credited by most humans (even those who follow the Twins) with the creation of the world and mankind. It’s unquestionable that Menoth exists, for his priests were once the powerful ruling class of the land. Alas for Menoth, the more uplifting and tolerant message of Morrow began to take hold with the people, and today the worship of Menoth is a minority faith everywhere except the Protectorate. Outside of the Protectorate, the largest minority serving Menoth is among the “Old Faith” of Khador, where many citizens cling tenaciously to the worship of their ancient creator.

Of the kingdoms, Cygnar has the smallest proportion of Menites compared to the rest of its population. The end of the Cygnaran Civil War saw the majority of Menite families emigrate to the newly created Protectorate of Menoth, and only small Menite communities persist in Cygnar. In Ord, Llael, and Khador there are sizable and respected Menite communities with deep roots.


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