Morrowan and Thamar

Symbol of Morrowan

The Church of Morrow

The Morrowan faith emphasizes the individual as a potential agency of good and stresses how each person can contribute to society. Its beliefs resonate with people in many walks of life and social strata, advocating improvement through self-reflection, good works, honorable conduct, and self-sacrifice.

Core to the Morrowan faith is the idea of Volition-that every person in life makes choices that determine whether they will be a force fol positive empowerment or for selfish gain. By association, pious Morrorwans are seen as good and reliable citizens while those who succumb to the “dark path” of Thamar are seen as evil, self-serving, and destructive. This is a simplistic reduction of the subtleties of Morrow’s and Thamar’s respective philosophies, but clear distinctions appeal to the masses. The more nuanced aspects of the Twins are left to theologians and scholars. Before his ascension, Morrow was both a philosopher and a soldier, a thinker who endorsed the virtues of peace but also recognized that armed conflict was sometimes necessary.

The Morronwan faith teaches that honor can be maintained amid violent strife if applied judiciously , as such to defend the helpless. This allows his message to have impact in times of both peace and war and to appeal to soldiers as well as those they protect.

In most of western Immoren, when a person speaks of going to church or attending to prayers, it is presumed they are speaking of Morrowan services. Small churches of Morrow are numerous in most cities outside of Menoth. Larger and more established churches become centers of their communities and are among the most impressive and well-built structures in their townships. These are usually assigned at least one ordained priest, along with supporting novices
and pious volunteers who attend to the grounds, cooking, and other needs.

Thamarite Cults

Symbol of Thamar

While Morrow has become the most prominent deity of the Iron Kingdoms, the cults devoted to his twin sister Thamar exist in relative obscurity a fact her adherents prefer. Despite this, the teachings of Thamar have had tremendons impact on the Morrowan faith, forming a conceptual counterpoint by which their beliefs and morality are defined. To adhere to Morrowan’s path one must reject Thamar’s, and vice versa. Thamar has had just as profound an impact on the thinking and philosophies of mankind as her brother, but her legacy is cast in shadow since Thamar’s faith is inherently subversive and is associated with the darker aspects of human nature.

The concept of transgression as a gateway to enlightenment is fundamental to Thamarite belief. For this and other reasons, this faith has always been relegated to cult status, and its adherents are bot feared and loathed by the dominant religions. Those who truly understand Thamarite philosophy know there are many roads to unlocking one’s own inner potential, some subtler than others. Thamar is seen by her faithful as the goddess of knowledge in all forms. She is a champion of the downtrodden, the outcast, the vengeful, and the iconoclastic. She is a goddess of freedom, self-expression, and perseverance. Those drawn to her darker aspects for their own sake or who use their faith as an excuse to justify atrocious deeds are blind to her true path. Besides the nefarious villains among her faithful there have also been heroes advocating the liberation and freedom of the spirit. When it has suited their ends, Thamarites have even shown a willingness to come to the defense of pious Morrowans.

For Thamarites morality itself is an enslavement of the spirit. Acts of crime and rebellion for their own sake are hollow in the goddess’ eyes, however. Thamar and her followers find enlightenment only in unshackled spirit and the triumph of the individual over the many. She is the Patron not of selfishness but of self-accomplishment.

Thamarite advocates do not usually channel her power through prayer like priests of other faiths; while dark miracles have been known to manifest when her name or those of the scions are invoked, this is exceedingly rare. Most believe the best way to gain power over reality is to master the arcane arts. Thamar is the goddess of magic as level as knowledge, as it was she who bestowed the Gift on humanity. Arcane practitioners are thought to carry forward the mystical work Thamar began before her ascension. No arcane path is forbidden to Thamarite worshipers, at least in theory. Necromancy in particular has been embraced as one of the oldest and most primal of arcane arts, inextricably linked to life, death, and the power of the immortal soul.

Morrowan and Thamar

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